Off-Peak tickets

Cheaper fares when you travel at less busy times.

You can buy an Off-Peak ticket for outward journeys starting after 9.15 on weekdays, and at any time during the weekend. There are some restrictions when you travel during the evening peak period.

Super Off-Peak Day Returns are exclusive to Smartcard users and offer great value on selected journeys.

Key benefits

  • Save money by travelling when trains are less busy
  • No need to book in advance
  • Break your journey at stations along the route
  • Discounts when you use your Railcard

What you need to know

  • Off-Peak single journey tickets aren’t available on every service
  • Some restrictions apply during the evening peak
  • For single and day returns you must travel on the date on your ticket
  • For open returns your return journey must be within a month of the date on your ticket
  • If you want to change your ticket or get a refund, there’s a £10 admin fee

Super Off-Peak Day Returns for Smartcard users

For the cheapest fares on less busy trains. Travel between 11am and 3pm, and after 8pm to and from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow on weekdays.

Travel restrictions during the evening peak

You can’t use an Off-Peak ticket to travel to certain destinations on services from Glasgow Central, Glasgow Queen Street, Edinburgh Waverley or Haymarket that leave after 16.42 and before 18.11, or on the following services:

18.15 Edinburgh (18.21 Haymarket) to Glasgow Queen Street

18.15 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh

18:30 Edinburgh (18:34 Haymarket) to Aberdeen

If you are unsure whether the train you wish to travel on is Off-Peak, please use the ‘Buy tickets' function to check. Enter your departure station, destination and time. It will display a selection of trains and it will be highlighted if there is an Off-Peak ticket available.

Travel at weekends

No restrictions apply when you travel on Saturdays and Sundays.

How to buy your ticket

  • At any ScotRail ticket office
  • At our ticket vending machines
  • By phone — call 0344 811 0141
  • Online

Buy tickets online

Paper tickets and Smart tickets

You can use a paper ticket on all rail operators’ services. Smartcard tickets can only be used on ScotRail services. Smartcard must be used for Super Off-Peak Day Returns.

Travel times

Off-peak only. Generally, this means after 9.15 on weekdays and any time at the weekend, but some evening restrictions apply. For Super Off-Peak Day Return travel times are 11am until 3pm, and after 8pm.

Free child travel

Children under age five travel for free on all ScotRail services. Half price tickets for children aged 5 to 15.

Use it on

All ScotRail, CrossCountry and Avanti West Coast services, with journeys starting in Scotland. Super Off-Peak Day Returns are for ScotRail services only.

Return travel

Buy a day return ticket if you’re coming back on the same day. Open returns are available on some routes and let you come back on any day within one month.

Buying your ticket

Buy in advance or on the day of your journey.

Seat reservations

There are no reserved seats on most ScotRail services. You can reserve a seat for some longer journeys up to 12 weeks before you travel.

First class upgrade

Yes, upgrade on the train.

Railcard discounts

Yes, with all national railcards for standard class travel. Discounts on first class travel for disabled persons, HM forces and senior railcard holders.