Timetable Routes

Details of the final May 2022 timetable that ScotRail are operating can be found below.

This timetable will be a new starting point for future timetable development. We have used lessons learnt during the COVID-19 pandemic, along with new methods of analysis, to continue refining and improving the timetable that we offer. The timetable will provide enough capacity to carry the number of customers who travelled with ScotRail in 2019-20, enable a better performing railway, whilst having a positive impact on ScotRail and Network Rail’s operating costs.

We will deliver a timetable that is sustainable in the short to medium term, whilst continuing to react to the changes that will see in the future as customer behaviours continue to evolve. In the longer term, we will work with the Scottish Government and Transport Scotland as they use all the powers within their control to create a net-zero society in Scotland.

The consultation period closed on 2 October 2021.

We are excited with the level of engagement that we have seen from across Scotland and would like to thank everyone who provided feedback. We have reviewed everything that you have told us and considered what changes should be made in response. On the following pages we summarised what you told us, shared our response to that, and provided details of any changes that we have been able to make.