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Last updated: Friday 30 October 2020

Refunds and local protection levels

If a local authority is placed under level 3 or level 4 COVID-19 safety measures, and you are reconsidering your pre-planned travel with ScotRail, please find more information regarding refunds here .

ScotRail will continue to operate services to and from stations in local authorities under stricter protection levels for key workers and those making essential trips. We recommend you consult Scottish Government advice on COVID-19 safety levels, adhere to any travel restrictions in place and follow our Five Rules for Safer Travel.

National Rail Vouchers

We recognise that many customers will not have been able to use their National Rail Travel Vouchers due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Since late-October/early November 2020, when national lockdowns were imposed, the advice from the Scottish and UK governments has been for people to stay at home and only travel if a journey is essential. Because of this, a large number of customers issued with Rail Travel Vouchers haven't been able to redeem them.

Previously, Rail Travel Vouchers that expired between 17 March and 16 September 2020 were extended for six months, to allow customers more time to use them towards new tickets or National Rail products, after the first national lockdown. It has now been agreed that Rail Travel Vouchers that have expired or are due to expire after ‘essential travel only’ messaging began in late October/early November 2020, can be extended for a further six months, up to, and including Wednesday 30 June 2021.

If you are in possession of a Rail Travel Voucher, which you haven’t been able to use due to lockdown restrictions, the below table will help you understand the new expiry date of your voucher.

Please note the following important information:

  • Any Rail Travel Voucher issued before 21 October 2019, or on or after 02 July 2020 will have the stated 12-month validity period only
  • Any Rail Travel Voucher that previously expired between 17 September 2020 and 19 October 2020 will not be included in this extension, as travel was permitted at this time
  • Only Rail Travel Vouchers that were issued between the dates shown on the table below can be extended and accepted up to the new expiry dates
Original Issue Date Original Expiry Date Extended Expiry Date
21 > 31 October 2019 20 > 30 October 2020 20 > 30 April 2021
01 > 30 November 2019 31 October > 29 November 2020 30 April > 29 May 2021
01 > 31 December 2019 30 November > 30 December 2020 30 May > 30 June 2021
01 > 31 January 2020 31 December 2020 > 30 January 2021 30 June > 30 July 2021
01 > 29 February 2020 31 January > 28 February 2021 31 July > 28 August 2021
01 > 31 March 2020 28 February > 30 March 2021 28 August > 30 September 2021
01 > 30 April 2020 31 March > 29 April 2021 30 September > 29 October 2021
01 > 31 May 2020 30 April > 30 May 2021 30 October > 30 November 2021
01 > 30 June 2020 31 May > 29 June 2021 30 November > 29 December 2021
01 July 2020 30 June 2021 30 December 2021


Railcards used across the UK are administered centrally by National Rail. In these exceptional times, National Rail are working together with ScotRail and other train operators to assist Railcard holders who have been unable to use their Railcard due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

ScotRail customers should contact National Rail directly for updates on the validity of Railcards here

Connecting services

We continue to operate a revised timetable as part of our response to the Coronavirus pandemic. As a result, travel connection services are also impacted.

Glasgow Station Bus Link

Our Glasgow station bus link between Glasgow Central, Glasgow Queen Street and Buchanan Bus station is currently operating a reduced service of every 20 minutes from 0800 to 2000 Monday to Friday, 0900 to 2000 on Saturdays, and 1200 to 2000 on Sundays.

The Glasgow Central pick up and drop off point has been temporarily moved from the Gordon Street station entrance to the lay-by area on Union Street located outside the Co-op supermarket.

Cross-border services

ScotRail operates cross-border services from Glasgow to Carlisle. Different rules and guidance may apply to customers upon arrival at Carlisle station. Please check the Avanti West Coast travel advice page for guidance.

Other connections

Other transport providers may be operating amended timetables at this time, including on routes shown on our journey planner. If you normally rely on other modes of public transport before or after traveling with us, please check your journey connections with Traveline Scotland, at www.travelinescotland.com or on 0871 200 22 33.​

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