Your ticket to getting back on track

You'll see we've made some changes in stations and on board our trains as you start to travel with us again. As we all start to get back on track, these new measures are in place to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Your ticket to cleaner journeys

We’re going the extra mile to ensure your safety when you travel with us. We’ve introduced extra cleaning on trains between journeys, hand sanitiser in stations and we’re deep cleaning our trains every night.

The hygiene and cleanliness of our trains and stations during the Coronavirus pandemic is so important to us. Not only have we introduced enhanced cleaning schedules in our stations to include high-traffic customer touchpoints such as ticket machines and ticket gates, our train presentation teams at major stations across the network are also sanitising trains inbetween journeys in addition to trains being deep cleaned each night.

Your ticket to a safe welcome back

If you haven’t travelled with us for a while, you might notice some changes in and around our stations which have been introduced to keep both you and our staff safe.

As you might expect, we’ve introduced significant safety measures across the ScotRail network. Physical distancing measures are in place throughout all our stations which may mean your journey may take a little longer than expected. We’ve also installed protective screens at ticket centres and help points as well as introducing mandatory face coverings across all stations and trains

Your ticket to peace of mind

Our ‘Five Rules for Safer Travel’ have been in place throughout the pandemic to stop the spread and minimise your contact with our staff and other customers, but we’ve also introduced other measures which you perhaps didn’t know about.

For your peace of mind, we’ve introduced a range of safety measures to help stop the spread of the virus. Not only have we introduced hand sanitisers across all our major stations but we’ve also provided our staff with over 20,000 bottles of hand sanitiser for use at work to help protect customers.

Your ticket to a helping hand

Even though we’ve had to adapt the way we operate to ensure the safety of our customers and staff, we want your journey to be as simple and as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions about the new measures we’ve put in place, just ask a member of staff and we’ll be happy to help.

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