ScotRail exceeding ambitious environmental targets

Thursday, 15 November 2018

ScotRail is exceeding ambitious energy and carbon reduction targets thanks to an ongoing commitment to create a sustainable railway and contribute to an environmentally aware Scotland.

The stringent targets, a critical part of the franchise agreement’s committed obligations, require ScotRail to take action to tackle climate change and support the transition to a low carbon economy.

Committed obligations require a 4 per cent reduction in the energy used in stations and depots – with a 7.45 per cent reduction achieved; and a 1 per cent reduction in the energy used to power trains – with a 9.8 per cent reduction achieved.

Extending electrification across the network has been central in the success of meeting the targets, with growing numbers of class 385 electric trains being introduced to support a carbon efficient fleet.

Drivers are trained extensively on eco driving techniques and the Driver Advisory System (DAS), installed across the fleet, assists in promoting energy efficient travel.

Stations and depots across Scotland are being made more sustainable through behavioural improvements via training for staff and investment in new technology to reduce energy usage.

ScotRail Head of Environment Damian Keaveny said: “The ambitious targets set for us by the Scottish government require a commitment to energy across the business, and I am delighted that we aren’t just meeting those targets – we are exceeding them.

“Through actions like the introduction of more electric trains, assistance for drivers, and increased investment, we are making considerable environmental and energy performance enhancements.

“But we aren’t complacent, we are continuing to drive performance by investing and trialling new technology. It’s all part of our plan to build the best railway Scotland has ever had.”