Environment and Energy Policy

Alongside providing a reliable, sustainable and resilient train service we have a responsibility to mitigate and reduce our impacts on the environment.

ScotRail will manage these impacts by having effective environmental and energy management systems. These will in turn support our overall sustainability strategy and contribute to nationwide rail industry initiatives.

We are committed to continually improving out environmental and energy performance whilst minimising pollution and recognise our role in supporting the achievement of the Scottish Government’s emission reduction targets.

This will be achieved by:

  • Increasing the modal shift to rail from less sustainable forms of transport
  • Increasing sustainable and active transport to and from stations though encouraging walking and cycling to stations
  • Creating a lower carbon railway though electrification
  • Measuring, monitoring and reducing our water and energy use including traction energy and setting reduction targets
  • Using the waste hierarchy to minimise waste production, increase recycling rates and reduce waste sent to landfill
  • Promoting the importance of the management of biodiversity and ecosystems to our staff and stakeholders
  • Providing environmental and energy use awareness training to all staff during their induction and at regular intervals thereafter
  • Recruiting and training environmental champions
  • Working actively with our suppliers to ensure the sustainability of our supply chain economically, socially and environmentally
  • Commitment to comply with all environment and energy obligations
  • Ensuring regular external and internal communications of progress against targets and environmental issues as well as staff focused environmental initiatives
  • Investing in research into sustainable technologies and initiatives through our sustainability innovation fund
  • Seeking continual improvement in our performance and reporting through our environmental and energy management systems
  • Identifying areas of weakness and tackling them effectively
  • Developing a climate change strategy to ensure that we meet our responsibility to protect our environment and deliver a resilient transport system that can adapt to an ever changing world
  • The actions will be reviewed annually or more frequently as required

Download ScotRail's Environment and Energy Policy