Glasgow Queen Street redevelopment

Friday, 29 September 2017

Work is well under way on the next phase of redevelopment at Glasgow Queen Street station.

The programme of work will see Scotland’s third busiest station transformed into a fully accessible, modern transport facility. It will be capable of meeting the city’s needs now, and accommodate the projected 40 percent growth in passenger numbers at the station by 2030.

Although your journeys shouldn't be disrupted by the work, if you're using the station and surrounding roads you'll see some changes to walking routes and entrances/exits.

New arrangements


The George Square entrance/exit is closed for the duration of the redevelopment. Use the entrances/exits on Dundas Street and North Hannover Street instead.

Vehicle access, taxis and Blue Badge parking

During the redevelopment there is no public vehicle access except for construction vehicles. This means the existing taxi rank, Blue Badge spaces and drop-off facilities are unavailable for the duration of the planned works.

There are two taxi ranks, one on West George Street located on the north side of the road, outside the Millennium Hotel, and another on North Hannover Street, outside of the City of Glasgow College.

There are seven Blue Badge spaces on West George Street, located on the south side of the road opposite the Millennium Hotel.

The nearest bus stop is on the corner of Dundas Street and West George Street.

Travel shop

The station travel shop has moved across from the Dundas Street entrance, to the site of the former Vale pub, so work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Download a map of the new arrangements around the station

Passenger Assist

We aim to provide assistance to those who need help when travelling on our network whether this has been booked in advance or not.

You are able to book assistance at least three hours in advance for journeys on the ScotRail network. Where the journeys go beyond our network, and involve the use of other train operator services, we ask that you book your journey 24 hours before travelling so that we can meet their notice period requirements.

Book assistance here

Next steps

  • Initial phases of the work will focus on the soft strip of the interiors of Consort House and the Millennium Hotel extension to prepare for demolition
  • There'll be ongoing work in the station car park area to the east, which includes demolition of existing structures
  • There'll be work on all platforms but the most significant changes will be on platforms 2, 3, 4 and 5. These will be extended back into the station concourse towards West George Street

Occasionally we'll have to close the station for an extended period (usually 29 or 54 hours) to carry out work efficiently, but primarily safely. This will happen over specific weekends and public holidays to minimise inconvenience for customers.

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Watch a fly-through video of what the station will look like when the programme of work has finished.