Intelligent CCTV analytics upgrade at 60 ScotRail stations

Last updated: Friday, 14 April 2023

ScotRail is increasing the safety and security at 60 stations across Scotland by installing new CCTV cameras with upgraded intelligent video analytics.

The new cameras can analyse movements of customers on the platform to determine if members of the public are in unsafe situations, allowing our CCTV monitoring team to alert station staff, signallers, and British Transport Police, if necessary.

Everything from monitoring passenger numbers which will assist with crowd management to behavioural analytics which can identify people lingering in stations can be controlled via the new camera units.

It’s hoped that the new equipment will help us identify vulnerable people and reduce fatalities on the railway, as well as combatting anti-social behaviour.

The upgrade is part of a £2million investment in the CCTV network on Scotland’s Railway, which, in 2018, saw ScotRail move from 220 scrolling CCTV monitors covering more than 280 stations to a 24-screen intelligent video wall in our customer service centres.

We have one of the largest CCTV networks in the UK, with more than seven thousand cameras monitoring over 350 stations, which we remotely monitor from our two customer service centres in Paisley and Dunfermline, where we also answer calls from the station Help Points.

Michael Arnott, ScotRail Customer Information Operations Manager, said:

“ScotRail is committed to ensuring Scotland’s Railway is a safe environment for our customers and our people.

“The new CCTV analytics system is designed to provide even more security and reassurance to anyone using the network.

“The introduction of this cutting-edge technology means that our customer service team will now be alerted when anyone enters into an unsafe or restricted area of the railway, allowing them to alert signallers to stop trains, if needed, which could potentially save a life.”