More than 90 per cent of ScotRail trains arrive on time

Last updated: Friday, 30 July 2021

New figures released by ScotRail show that more than nine out of ten trains arrived on time during the past month.

In the four-week period between 27 June and 24 July 2021, 90.1 per cent of ScotRail trains met their target arrival time.

ScotRail is held to account against a public performance measure, which means that trains must arrive at least within five minutes of their scheduled time – having stopped at all scheduled stations.

The company’s moving annual average – the average performance for the twelve months to 24 July 2021 – stands at 92.5 per cent.

ScotRail’s strong performance comes despite a challenging month for both infrastructure and fleet reliability across Scotland’s Railway. The train operator’s fleet engineers have been working to understand and prevent future train faults which can cause disruption to customers. Network Rail is working to improve infrastructure reliability across Scotland’s Railway.

Like many organisations, the coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact on ScotRail staff availability, with members of staff having to self-isolate at short notice.

David Simpson, ScotRail Operations Director, said:

“It is encouraging that we have managed to maintain a good level of service for customers, despite many challenges across Scotland’s Railway in the last period.

“Everyone is working hard to achieve that, and it’s important that we continue to deliver a reliable service that gives people the confidence to travel by rail.”