New lifesaving equipment installed at Haymarket railway station

Last updated: Tuesday, 9 May 2023

A new potentially lifesaving bleed control kit has been installed at Haymarket railway station, thanks to a donation from The Daniel Baird Foundation.

The kit contains instructions on how to help someone who is bleeding heavily and includes equipment to stem the blood flow by sealing, wrapping, or packing the wound until paramedics arrive.

Located on the concourse between the station’s two main entrances, the kit is visible and easily accessible to both the public and railway staff.

The bleed control kit was donated by The Daniel Baird Foundation Charity, which was set up by Lynn Baird MBE after her son, Daniel, was fatally stabbed in July 2017 outside a pub in Birmingham.

The charity works to raise the awareness of how bleed control kits can save the lives of those bleeding heavily.

David Lister, ScotRail Safety, Engineering, Sustainability Director, said:

“We’re really pleased to work with the Daniel Baird Foundation to install this piece of potentially life-saving equipment. Haymarket station is a perfect location for this new bleed control kit.

“While the railway is a safe place from serious crime, a high number of people pass through the station each day who will see the kit, and will know where it is located, if needed.

“I hope that we will never have to use the bleed kit, but together with the station’s defibrillator, it provides railway staff, and members of the public, access to vital equipment that could potentially save someone’s life.”

Miles Hamilton, fundraiser for the Daniel Baird Foundation, said:

“This installation of the bleed control kit at Haymarket station has increased the number of public access bleed kits in Scotland to four.

“One of kits in Scotland has already been used to save a life, which proves just how incredibly important they are.

“I’m raising funds for more cabinets to be installed in more public places across the country. Details on how to donate through JustGiving are available on Twitter @Miles_PBH.”