ScotRail crew take part in Electric Vehicle Rally

Last updated: Tuesday, 5 September 2023

The 2023 Electric Vehicle Rally (16 - 17 August 2023) featured a ScotRail crew, made up of Alisdair Tennant and Jim Mackie.

The idea was to show that EVs are capable of competing with petrol and diesel vehicles and to help ScotRail reach net zero.

The rally covered 600 miles, showcasing EV technology and the charging network in Scotland.

The rally was a ‘demonstration’ of Scottish EV charging infrastructure, combined with clean and innovative vehicle technology. The idea is to prove that EV use across Scotland, and the rest of the UK, is not just ‘for the odd occasion’… It can be a ‘daily occurrence’… ‘the norm’!

Scotland needs to continue to show why it is leading the UK in embracing the very latest in innovative practices. ‘E-Mobility’ and the ‘decarbonisation of transport’ is seen as a key element to helping shift towards net zero and a cleaner future, and when it comes to EVs and infrastructure, the fleet sector has a huge role to play.

The event comprised a minimum of 10 teams, representing Scottish business and the EV sector. Each team entered an EV of their choice (car or van), along with a driver and co-driver. They embarked on a 600 all-electric mile moving showcase, with four or five Checkpoints a day.

Big congrats to our ScotRail team which finished on the podium, in bronze medal place.

You can watch a video from the event here...