Strong performance continues on Scotland’s Railway

Last updated: Friday, 28 June 2019

Nine out of 10 trains ran on time over the past four weeks, with customers continuing to benefit from improving performance on Scotland’s Railway.

Across Scotland, 89.9 per cent of ScotRail trains met the rail industry standard public performance measure (PPM), arriving at their destination within 4 minutes and 59 seconds of their timetabled arrival time, having called at all scheduled stations.

There were improvements for customers on routes all over the country during the period (26 May – 22 June), and the moving annual average (MAA) also increased for only the second time in more than a year to 87.3 per cent.

In the five weeks since the May timetable change, the number of cancellations due to the training of traincrew was reduced by 65 per cent, against the four-week period before the timetable change.

The continuing improvement in performance comes after a strong quarterly update on progress being made on ScotRail delivering its performance improvement plan.

The National Rail Passenger Survey results announced this week also found that 85 per cent of customers are satisfied with ScotRail – a jump of six points compared to the previous results published in January 2019.

ScotRail is now running more than 2,400 trains every weekday, which is an increase of 11 per cent from 10 years ago, as Scotland’s Railway continues to grow faster than any other in the UK. This means that ScotRail now provides more than 97 million customer journeys each year.

Alex Hynes, Managing Director of Scotland’s Railway, said:

“We are continuing to make fantastic progress and this is an exciting time for our customers, as we reap the benefits of unprecedented investment in Scotland’s Railway.

“Everyone across Scotland’s Railway is working flat out every day to improve the service we deliver and achieving this consistent level of performance, reducing cancellations, and providing more seats will provide the service they expect and deserve.”