Vast majority of ScotRail Flexipass Fares set to tumble

Last updated: Monday, 2 August 2021

ScotRail is making one of its most popular ticket options even cheaper and easier to use by standardising the discount across its entire network, and doubling the time in which customers have to use them.

Until now, customers could make 10 journeys on the same route within one month, typically saving at least 10 per cent or more on the cost of a single ticket, effectively 10 tickets for the price of nine.

But, from today, 2 August, the 10 Journey Flexipass price will be standardised across the network at a 15 per cent discount on five Anytime Return/Anytime Day Return tickets.

In addition to the price change customers will have 60 days to use their 10 Journey Flexipass which is twice as long as they previously had. Also, as part of these changes customers with a Highland Railcard will be able to use this with their Flexipass ticket, offering them a 50 per cent discount on their new Flexipass price.

Flexipass tickets are only available on Smartcard, and Flexi journeys are stored securely on the card. Customers tap in and out at the start and end of their journey, and used tickets are automatically removed from their card. Smartcards are available from the ScotRail website.

Flexipass tickets are valid on all ScotRail, CrossCountry and TransPennine Express services within Scotland.

There are 1,432 Flexipass fares on ScotRail’s ticketing system and under the new policy, 98 per cent will see their price fall.

The train operator is standardising its ticket prices across its entire network which means an end to variable discounts based on the location of the route.

This will result in an increase to 30 fares, in line with the new price structure.

Here are some examples of Current vs New Flexipass prices:

Glasgow - Edinburgh used to cost £126.50. This has fallen to £113.10, a reduction of £13.40.

Edinburgh - Linlithgow was £51.00. After the price change that has dropped to £48.50, £2.50 less than before.

Edinburgh - Inverkeithing which cost £49.40, decreases to £43.40, a saving of £6.00.

Glasgow - Mount Florida, at £15.20, drops to £13.20, a decrease of £2.00.

And Glasgow - Polmont which cost £87.20, is now £81.20, a drop of £6.00.

Examples of fares that will increase include:

Glasgow - Croy which was £30.70, and is now £33.20, a rise of £2.50.

Glasgow - Bishopbriggs, previously priced at £16.20 but which has increased in price by £1.70 to £17.90.

And Glasgow - Stepps which has risen from £21.10 to £23.40, an increase of £2.30.

Lesley Kane, ScotRail Commercial Director, said:

“As more passengers begin to return to the railway we want to reward them for their loyalty by extending the discount on the majority of the fares on one of our most popular ticket offers.

“Ten Journey Flexipass has worked really well for us and for customers for some time now, but we realise that in order to remain competitive, especially in the post-COVID world, we have to be agile with our product offering.

“We are confident passengers will love this new Flexipass ticket and look forward to welcoming more and more people back onto the railway as coronavirus restrictions continue to be eased.”